Je veux m'inscrire à un cours.

Driving course terms and conditions

Contract is valid for a period of one (1) year from registration. Contract fees must be paid in a maximum of three (3) payments. Advance notice of 24 hrs (business days) is required for cancelling practical courses.

If we have not been notified within 24 hours of the lesson,  a fee of  $50 is due and payable for the session  (phrase à retravailler) .

A valid learner’s permit in hand is mandatory for the practical courses otherwise the cancellation penalty is applicable. Practical courses must begin within three (3) months of registration.

Rights conferred by the driving lesson contract may not be ceded or transferred, in whole or in part, in favour of anyone else. Without restricting the generality of the preceding, the rights conferred by the contract may not be ceded or transferred to an instructor who is not employed by the school.