Je veux m'inscrire à un cours.

BEFORE taking the SAAQ test on a closed track

  • Register for SUR 2 ROUES motorcycle training school practical classes, closed track instruction. This 18-hour course is available in the daytime, evenings and/or weekends. Once you have completed this 18-hour course of instruction, you will be evaluated by qualified monitors. If you pass, you may then register for the 4 hour road course.
  • Once you have completed this 18-hour course, you may pick up your Quebec Safety League certificate at the SUR 2 ROUES driving school.
  • Make an appointment at the SAAQ for your test on a closed track.

If you wish to rent a motorcycle for this test, the school will make the appointment for you and confirm the date. If you have a motorcycle available, you will need to make the appointment yourself.

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